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How we launch you in the web3 ecosystem


We know web3 and blockchain concepts aren’t easy to grasp. That’s why we at DCNTR share our knowledge to assist organizations in entering and navigating the web3 and blockchain space.

Our presentations provide valuable insights and inspiration customized for various expertise levels and industries.



Our ‘start2web3’ course will equip you with essential knowledge, so you can safely start your journey into the web3 realm with confidence.

By the end of our two-day course, you’ll understand the pillars of decentralization, digital identity, ownership, and the transformative potential of web3 for the internet’s future.



Our ideation sessions will help you transform groundbreaking ideas into sustainable business models.

We explore the possibilities and ignite inspiration to spark fresh ideas. Through engaging discussions and strategic brainstorming, we’ll assist you in refining your initiatives into tangible web3 projects. We’ll craft a strategic roadmap that resonates with your organizational goals and visions.



We build web3 prototypes, proofs-of-concepts and production ready platforms. In collaboration with our network of trusted partners, we deliver solutions tailored to your challenges:

  • Private blockchain

  • Smart contracts, NFTs and dApps

  • Supply chain & data monitization solutions

  • Digital marketplaces



Webinar: Introduction into web3 and blockchain


We invite you to an inspiring webinar where we will provide you with a non-technical and comprehensible look at the world of Web3! We will guide you through the fundamentals of Web3 and blockchain and show how they can open up a world of possibilities. Using concrete examples, we will demonstrate how Web3 can be applied to your business. Our goal is simple: to give you the necessary knowledge and inspiration to explore the possibilities of Web3 further!

Workshop: Start2web3 innovation session

Date to be decidedLocation to be decided

In this start2web3 session, we take about half a day to delve deeper into the opportunities for your company with web3 and blockchain. We provide tailored inspiration and organize a brainstorming session to further shape ideas, always guided by the vision and objectives of your organization. Then, we work on translating those ideas into a strategic roadmap and approach so that you can either pursue them independently or collaborate with us to further develop them.

€ 1500


Our blog

Is Web3 the Future of Customer Loyalty?

by Stijn Van Raes

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Explore our focus areas

Data monetization

Web3 brings new opportunities to capitalize on your data. With the rise of AI, data is one of the most important assets in tomorrow’s economy.

Your company can leverage data to craft innovative business models and revenue streams while safeguarding privacy and security through blockchain technology. Let us guide you on this journey to data-driven success.


ESG regulations are rapidly evolving worldwide, demanding companies to prove their sustainability claims. Blockchain technology can help you prove those claims by registering them in a tamper-proof and secure ledger.

By investing in compliance today, you can open new business opportunities and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly responsible world.

Supply chain

Many companies face data-sharing challenges across partners and suppliers, hindering the creation of a transparent and cost-effective supply chain. Web3 technologies offer a remedy by improving traceability by digitizing physical assets within the supply chain. This not only improves transparency via secure data sharing, but also reduces costs through smart contract automation.


Tokenization is changing the landscape of digital ownership and value creation. For the first time in history, we can truly own digital assets by registering them on a blockchain in the form of tokens such as NFTs. This unlocks a world of new opportunities, from real-world asset ownership to fractional stakes and tokenized social networks.

Customer Loyalty

Web3 is rewriting the rules of customer loyalty programs. It eliminates barriers like low adoption rates, complex implementation, lack of customization and interoperability. With a web3 loyalty program, you can enhance engagement by rewarding customers with tokens, granting exclusive access to products, unique experiences, events, discounts, and more. It also enables you to monitor customer activity and collaborate with partners.

Brand awareness

Leading brands are experimenting with web3 technologies like NFTs to boost brand awareness and create unique customer experiences. By adopting the right strategy playbook and simplifying the complexity of web3 technology, you can outshine competitors by delivering personalized experiences and innovative customer interactions to grow your audience.

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